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Ready to grow your business on social media without hiring a full-time staff?

We realize that with so many different types of social media available, that not every business will want to utilize the same social media practices.  With that in mind, we offer some general social media packages but want you to know that they are fully customizable to your needs.  This is why a consultation and an analysis is the best way to begin.

Our services include consultation, training , social profile technical set up and design applications, social media analysis, social media management, SEO, advertising and ad management.  (And if that sentence makes absolutely no sense to you, don’t hyperventolate!  Just take a deep breath and know that we will help you decide which of these services are important to  you. WE will do the heavy-lifting.)

We specialize in the major on-trend platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and StumbleUpon as well as article marketing, blogging and 1 to 1 social media training – should your business require it.

 With our social media advertising services, we leverage social media platforms to connect your product or service to tens of thousands of people. We use highly targeted methods of social media advertising that allow us to pinpoint your potential customer's exact demographic and reach them at an affordable rate.

Both packages and custom plans are available. 



Whether you’re new to social media or just not getting the results you desire, we can help. Let’s work together to determine your goals and establish a plan to propel your social media efforts into high gear.

This call is designed so that you can implement what you learn immediately and move forward quickly.


  1. A complete analysis of your current social media marketing campaign, including website and up to 5 social media profiles
  2. Two 45 minute phone consulatations with me: one to discuss your business and determine your social marketing goals (i.e. connect with influencers, get more fans/followers, etc.) and one to discuss the results of the analysis and address any questions you might have.
  3. An exact and thorough roadmap  of exactly what you can do to improve each social media profile and platform complete with instructions and checklists.
  4. A list of recommended tools to use with each platform and why.




Objective: This package is perfect for the business that recognizes the importance of social media and wants to start everything off the right way with great design and optimized accounts. They also want to be active on social media but need a starting point. 

Includes tech set up, custom graphics, social marketing strategy plan, page and profile optimization. This campaign is for 2 social media profiles.



Objective: Designed for the business that is looking to increase their brand awareness, monitor and improve their online reputation, and increase their location exposure through social media marketing, this package is our most popular. From the set-up phase forward these business owners want great design, optimized accounts, and a rock solid marketing campaign that is goal oriented. 

Includes tech set up, custom graphics, social marketing strategy plan, page and profile optimization. Inclusion in local search directories is an included option for brick and mortar businesses. This campaign is for 3 social media profiles. 




Objective: This package is designed for the business owner that is looking to be established as a local authority in the industry. These business owners are looking to build their email list, promote a specific offer, and/or drive traffic to a landing page or website.  

Includes tech set up, custom graphics, social marketing strategy plan, page and profile optimization. Inclusion in local search directories is an included option for brick and mortar businesses. This campaign is for 4 social media profiles. 


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“From the moment we started working with Shelley, she brought her experience to bear on our community and provided the missing link in our social strategy. We knew we could leave our community in her hands and it would be nurtured as we focused on growing the business itself. We wouldn’t be where we are without her!

— David Gillespie, ImageBrief

“Shelley has such an overflowing fountain of social media knowledge that has been extremely helpful. I love how she has such a keen sense for finding tools and sharing tips to help you get the word out about your work to others.
She knows not just about social media but technology and a great understanding of the how’s. 
Thank you Shelley for your tips and advice!!

— Debbie Deupree

“Hey all...I just did a SocialMedia analysis with Shelley a week ago. It was fantastic! Worth 10x her price! Great value, incredible knowledge and a brilliant plan she developed in 2 30 minute calls. Just the checklist of what I need to do was so amazing. Take advantage of this now, you’ll really be glad you did. BTW, with just a few tweaks that Shelley recommended, I had 11 people sign up on my website through Facebook this week. The most ever without a presentation. Just a random week. I can’t say enough about the value of this!

— Georgia Lee London, Boldly Brilliant

“I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed working with you. You handled all of my communications so well and all of your tweets and postings were upbeat and fun. You also made sure to be engaging with others which was so important, also remembering birthdays of people I knew. Whenever I had a technical snafoo of any sort, you went right in and sorted it out. My requests for Linkedin invites were always done in a prompt and efficient manner. 

I can see why clients are clamoring after you, Shelley. I was completely delighted with your services.

— Sarah Jo

I think one of your outstanding gifts, Shelley, is your content. To utilize social media effectively, lots of people know the technical end and are teaching it but how to write social media content hat makes people want to join you, ‘like’ you, and follow you, is a totally different thing and you’re great at it.

— Tonia Boterf, author

“In the constantly changing world of social media, social media managers rely on each other when there are challenges, strategic or otherwise, for help and support. Shelley Webb has been a go-to colleague of mine for more years than I can count. She has led me through the Pinterest and Twitter learning curve, as well as other platforms, when nobody else could. Her vast wealth of knowledge in the world of social media is second to only her character and integrity. I’m so blessed, and thankful, to have her as a resource!

— Phil Anderson

“I’ve worked with Shelley for a couple of years – the result has been exponential growth in my Twitter followers - beyond my expectations. She quickly understood my personal style and her tweets represent me at my best. She also keeps me informed about what’s trending, so I can jump in and get into the conversation. Client-centered customer service – she’s the best!

— Marsha Lichtenstein

“Talk about being thrilled an bringing a smile to my face - I just got off my twitter page and am so pleased I can’t begin to tell you! What awesome engagement and recognition of other people. The difference is in black and white. Thank you. I am so pleased. I had a feeling you would be the one to pull it off and I was right.

— Sarah Wood

“Shelley Webb is like my private search engine for all things social media. She tells me what I need to know to save time in social media before these things are even on my radar. And for me, saving time is the same thing as saving money. In that regard, her simple tips have saved me thousands of dollars.

— Kim NIshida

“Two things I know: 1. Organic pistachios inadvertently left in the sun to get nice and warm are DELICIOUS and 2. Shelley Webb is the most amazing person I know when it comes to optimizing the iPhone and all it (and its apps) can do.

— Sandra Martini, The Martini Advantage