Facebook Livestreaming Goes Live for Everyone

In his own livestream this morning, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook Livestream is now available for all users.  This is exciting for many reasons. We all know that people come to facebook to connect with friends and family, to be entertained and to share experiences. As Mark stated, "people want to express what's going on in their lives".  People can now share live video from their smartphone to other people all around the world. The livestreams are saved to your desktop so that those who weren't on your livestream, can still view the video later.

So what does this have to do with marketing?  Well, Facebook livestream has been available to most pages for awhile now, but the personal livestreams will offer a few more valuable options. Users will be able to share to their Facebook groups and to events. So for instance, if you work in the direct sales industry and hold an online party, you will now be able to livestream right into your event. You'll be able to demonstrate your product better and field questions straight from the livestream.  If you manage a group, you'll be able to livestream to your group members as well so cool possibilities exist for coaches and program creators. 

Right now,  and not surprisingly, livestream video has a much better organic reach than recorded video (which had a much better reach than images, links or texts).

There will be two ways to access the livestream option. One is through the livestream tab on your Facebook mobile app, which not everyone has. (Here you'll be able to catch the "live around the world" feed, as well. 

The second way is to go to your newsfeed on your mobile app, click on status and click on the icon of a person with halos around them (as below).


Once you do that, you'll see the screen below. After you click on "continue", you'll be prompted to add a title to your video. Give it a catchy one.  Once your title is added, you'll tap "go live", you'll get a 3,2,1 countdown and then you're live... so start speaking!

The video will automatically save to your timeline but you can choose to upload a better quality video and you can also choose to save the video to your camera roll. 

Mark Zuckerberg stated that they would be rolling out a bunch of fun filters to the options starting today, such as Ironman masks, animal faces, etc. 

Here are some things to consider when doing live video:

1. Create a catchy title.

2. Introduce yourself. Even if you're just livestreaming to a group of people who already know you, get in the habit of introcuding yourself so that you can repurpose your content to other viewers later on.

3. Give a brief description of what you'll be covering so that people know what to expect.

4. Keep your discussion to just 3 or 4 points. People get bored easily and you don't want to ramble on all day. Get to the point or as Chalene Johnson would say "be brief, be bright and be gone". 

5. Have a call to action. Why are you doing the video? What would you like your viewers to do next? 

6. Don't over-share.  Livestream at the most once a day. People are just not THAT into you that they need to see you several times a day. But as with any platform you choose, be consistent.

Have you tried livestreaming yet?  I'd love to hear about your experience.