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4 Tools to Maximize Your Hashtag Strategy


Hashtags are widely used on Twitter and especially so on Instagram.  But how does a person know which ones to use?  Here are four of my favorite tools to find and analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags we use.


With this tool, you can search for hashtag trends, popularity and correlations.  You would type in a hashtag, click on search and find the hashtags popularity, recent popularity, and if it's trending up or down.  You would also receive a list of related hashtags and some influencers within that hashtag's demographic.
There's also a section that provides you with the most popular hashtags for a period of time.
For personal use, it's $9.00 per month but comes with a free trial.


Ritetag is a Chrome extension that works by adding a little widget to the bottom of your screen. You can either type in a hashtag and get suggestions of what other ones to use or you can right-click on an image on a page and it will give you suggestions based on real-time hashtag engagement. 

It is accompanied by an app which provides trending hashtags (if you can take advantage of a trending hashtag and jump in with an appropriate post, it's great, but be sure to check what the hashtag is really about!) , statistics, images and influencers who use the hashtag. 

There are free and paid version of Ritetag but the paid version is currently a one-time fee. 

Display Purposes Only

Funny name, but a fairly good tool. With Display Purposes Only, you type a couple of hashtags in the search bar and it will provide you with similar tags. What I like about it is that  it has a little slide bar so that you can request anywhere from 1 to 30. Once they populate you are able to copy them and paste into your post. It will also allow you to manually select which tags you want to use before you hit copy.  If you're wanting to hide your hashtags within your image comment, you can select to check the "Five Dots" box and they will be added to your copy/paste. 

Display Purposes is free to use.


You can find this tool in your Facebook Messenger app (seriously).  You simply send them an image and it auto-populates with a group of hashtags befitting the image. This is a great one for Instagram because Instagram's A.I. is now examing images and may penalize those who post random tags that don't seem to fit with the image (that's a whole other story).

Autohash is free to use.

Bonus: Iconosquare

I couldn't really discuss hashtags tools without including Iconosquare which does have a hashtag component but also does a whole lot more.  But only Iconosquare’s higher-price tiers (Elite package and above) include hashtag analysis. Iconosquare can measure engagement for hashtags you use in your posts and assess the growth of branded hashtags but it doesn't really offer hashtag suggestions per se.

Pricing begins at $9.00 a month for a single account.

So that's it!  Let me know if you have used any of these and if you have a particular favorite!