Website Audience Retargeting on Facebook – What You Need To Know

We have grown to accept that Facebook is a pay-to-play space but many of us are still struggling with how to play AND how to decrease the amount that we need to pay in order to play.  I was SO excited to learn about website audience retargeting and how it could be used super effectively by anyone who has a website. Suddenly here is a tool that I could sink my teeth into.

  • If you have not heard of website audience retargeting on Facebook, I’m not surprised.  Not many businesses are using it yet although some big brands are (Target, Pepsi, Toyota, Gucci, MTV, Petco, Lexus and more). Those who are not using it are may be leaving money on the table. Studies have shown that only 2% of those who visit your website will become a customer. From the very recent One Fest, Jeff Bullas tweeted out that $4 trillion in sales is abandoned every year in online shopping carts! 63% is recoverable.  Website audience retargeting could aid in that recovery.

So what is website audience retargeting anyway? 

It’s a way to create highly relevant Facebook ads that are directed only to those people who have visited your website and expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

So, for instance, a person visits your website, checks out a certain page or product on a page and then leaves your website and at some point logs into Facebook (which is highly likely). You are then able to place an ad directly in front of them that relates to their behavior on your website!  You are able to track their behavior by placing a pixel on your website and creating website audience buckets.

Why is this important? 

Let’s say that Susie visits your website, notices your newest program on Raw Food Preparation. She checks out the sales page, clicks on purchase and for whatever reason, does not complete the purchase. Perhaps the doorbell rang, or one of the children needed her… or whatever.  The shopping cart is abandoned and you don’t get the sale.

With website audience retargeting, you now have a second chance.  You can create an ad that will be shown to Susie when she gets on Facebook. It might be a testimonial in praise of your new program or even a coupon code for a discount.

Another example: Jacob visits a website that sells used cars. While scrolling around he sees a white Toyota Prius and clicks on it. When Jacob returns to Facebook, the exact Toyota Prius can be placed in front of him on a Facebook ad.  You’ve seen this yourself from the big brands but now this is available to those of us with much smaller budgets.

With one client, a budget of $3.65 was used to target just 60 people and brought in over a thousand dollars in revenue. That is revenue that would have been lost without website audience retargeting.

Why Facebook?

  • Only 19.4% of Americans are unable to access their Facebook account at work
  • The average user spends 21 minutes per day on Facebook
  • There are 1.39 billion active monthly users
  • Facebook just introduced friend-to-friend payments (buying within Facebook will happen)
  • Facebook has the largest psychometric data base on the planet

Other ways that you can use the Facebook pixel and website audience retargeting:

1. a person who visits your website but does not sign up for your newsletter

2. a person who purchases a product who might enjoy a partner product

3.  a person who once visited your website but has not returned in some time

4.  to gather information in order to create a look-alike audience of your website visitors

5.  to obtain audience insights: psychographic and demographic data such as male vs female, age, income, etc.

“Retargeting can dramatically reduce your overall advertising costs and make every ad dollar 3 to 5 times more effective!”  ~ Jesse Jameson

Even if you don’t plan to use Facebook advertising right now, you’ll want to add the Facebook pixel to your website and create some audience buckets so that data from your website can be collected.  Then when you ARE ready to set up some ads, you’ll have a large enough audience in your bucket to work with.

If you need help with adding the pixel to your website or setting up your buckets or running your ads, contact us.  It's one of the services we offer. We’d be happy to help.

Image credit: Used with permission of Jesse Jameson