Now that you’re visiting my website, you probably want to know “Who is this person, Shelley Webb and what makes her think she can help me?”

Well, here’s my story:

I started dabbling in social media when I left my job as a registered nurse to care for my aging father who lived with me.  Because I needed an outlet, I started a blog called The Intentional Caregiver.

My little blog and I quickly gained recognition and began receiving awards.  Speaking engagements came out of nowhere (at least, that’s what I thought at the time)!  For example, planners of a major conference on dementia in Washington DC askedme to be a key note speaker (and with monetary compensation). 

Then curiously, I found myself featured as an expert (the only nurse amidst a panel of physicians), on a Website called Organized Wisdom, being asked to write articles, was selected ed as a finalist in The Shorty Awards with an invitation to fly to New York for the ceremonies, became an expert contributor for Dr. Oz's website "ShareCare" and was contacted by the production staff at Harpo Studios. You know... Oprah?

I remember one day when a Twitter follow recommended me for #followFriday because I had a high Klout score.  What’s Klout, I asked. (yes, I now know.)

The one thread running through this story: I did not solicit any of these opportunities. They were offered to me because of how I presented myself on social media.  My “numbers” of friends, fans, followers, etc are not that high, but they are intentional.  Success on social media is not all about the numbers.

People began asking me if I had a publicity agent.  No, I said.  Social Media is my publicity agent. It’s much less expensive.  They then wanted to know what I was doing to attract all this high end publicity, how I did it and if I could help them do it too.

Thus began The Social Webb and as the years have passed, we continue to grow. 

If you’d like to make social media work for you, I can show you how... or I can do it for you. 

Our cause is     RAD.   

Our cause is RAD!  5% of all profits go to support this amazing organization.

RAD - Rising Above Disabilities!
 is a non-profit organization founded by Meghan Clem and Katie Webb, "is a 100% volunteer run organization offering an awesome camp experience for hundreds of adults and children with developmental disabilities, much-deserved respite for their caregivers and a life-changing volunteer experience for the local community! With the help and support of the amazing Camp Family and the most generous Event Industry Colleagues and Friends, RAD is now one of the largest residential camps for people with special needs in Southern California!"

I have had the opportunity to serve as both Camp Nurse and Kitchen Angel. It has been and continues to be a life-changing experience.